Alabama Wedding Videographer

White Acres Farms | Camp Hill, Alabama | Monica and Bear Wedding Film

Monica and Bear share an unforgettable bond of friendship that radiates love. These two are perfect for each other and it's so obvious once you met them. There vows are so heartfelt and emotional! It was such an honor being invited to capture all the precious memories. Cheers to the new Bride and Groom!

Monica and Barry | White Acres Farm | Auburn Alabama Wedding Videographer

Last weekend John, Andrew, and myself traveled over to Camp Hill Alabama to celebrate the wedding of Monica and Barry Brown at White Acres Farm. We arrived to the farm early ; while Monica and her brides maids got ready I found a beautiful light spilling into a room from a small window placed just below the ceiling.  This light provided an incredible atmosphere for Farren at Faraday Photography and I to capture a few special moments like Monica getting into her dress and putting in her veil for the first time! Barry and Monica are a truly passionate couple that balance each other out perfectly...see the sneak peek into the wedding day story below.