Groovy Guy Gifts shared another amazing product with me!

This is the second time I’ve shared my thoughts about the products from Memorable Retirement Gifts and not to spoil the post but they are amazing! My best friends wedding was coming up in just a few weeks from the time Groovy Guy Gifts reached out to me and it was the perfect opportunity to get a personalized gift for my best friends wedding gift. The entire process of communicating and receiving the product was effortless. I decided to go with the Engraved Pocket watch, and at first impressions, the stopwatch feels very luxury and has a really nice weight to it.

Kennedy -01365.jpg

The Pocketwatch looks and feels very solid, it was a button at the top that snaps open so he can see the compass within. I’m very happy with the product and my buddy Thomas was blown away by the gift. Groovy Guy Gifts have been such a pleasure to shop with, the customer service and products are top-notch and it’s a one-stop-shop for all things wedding.

Kennedy -01355.jpg

The Pocket-watch even looks great in photos! I recommend Groovy Guy Gifts for all your Groomen’s and bridal gifts :)

Check out their website below

Memorable Retirement Gifts