Meredyth and Evan Westmoreland | Larkin's on the River Greenville, South Carolina | Wedding Film

Meredyth and Evan reached out to me after I second shot her sisters wedding 2 years ago with my good friend Kevin Hursh. I was so excited to be apart of the big day and to travel to beautiful Greenville, SC made it that much more exciting!

Meredyth and Evan are a power couple...they are both extremely successful and determined individuals and only make a stronger team together. As you'll hear in the film, Evan and Josh his younger brother unexpectedly lost their father in young adulthood. Evan became the man of the house and Josh's male role model as a teenager.They have a friendship and bond like no other it's a truly inspirational and emotional adventure.

I hope you enjoy the love story of Meredyth and Evan Westmoreland!